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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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They are all great! This one would be a doll of "Innocence". A few days ago, I found this LEGO DS and was very impressed. And in Japan, a guy spent 6 years to complete "Battle Ship Yamato" and he uploaded a movie of it on YouTube today. You can see the detail there. Wow...great.

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I laughed to read this post. (BAD web translation). It's about Google. Google search is much better than Yahoo. :-p Their search reacts to people's search words quickly and accurately. But sometimes their suggestions make you laugh, right? Go to Google and type "oh," hmm, why is "oh the places you'll go" so hot? With "are",


I like the 90s music scene in Japan. A lot of memorable great acts emerged in the 90s like L'Arc~en~Ciel, ayumi hamasaki, Speed, komuro family, and the rise of visual kei. This post made me feeling a bit nostalgic XD


To Westernize. Girls got talent. Need new choreographer. Nice video.

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