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Monday, April 27, 2009


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They are all great! This one would be a doll of "Innocence". A few days ago, I found this LEGO DS and was very impressed. And in Japan, a guy spent 6 years to complete "Battle Ship Yamato" and he uploaded a movie of it on YouTube today. You can see the detail there. Wow...great.

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I laughed to read this post. (BAD web translation). It's about Google. Google search is much better than Yahoo. :-p Their search reacts to people's search words quickly and accurately. But sometimes their suggestions make you laugh, right? Go to Google and type "oh," hmm, why is "oh the places you'll go" so hot? With "are",

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Uh, oh. Sending good vibes to you!


Very funny. blow up doll?. Thank you japan.


It's nice that he's done in 5 minutes, but he hasn't been to the bathroom yet. This usually accounts for an extra 30 minutes in the average man's morning....hehe


@Peter - Well, if he does everything that quickly, no wonder he's married to a doll now... ;-D


My wife tells me that this guy is divorced and that is not his wife in the bed but a doll!


hi there, some asked me to picked TV show sasuke. Yes, its a niche market, but I knew some are big Japanese TV show fan.


I actually think the shirt button-with-the-safety pin move is a pretty good idea. I have some shirts where it's really difficult to buckle the top button...

@AUINSC - It's been tried before; a Japanese game show called Takeshi's Castle was redubbed and broadcast in the US, but it wasn't so popular. It's really only a niche market that has the attention span to watch stuff like this for longer than 2 minutes.



So funny!

This is getting some play in America too, you know. To see how Americans view this video, here's a link:


The poster is right...Japanese TV could be a huge hit in America if somebody had the foresight to subtitle it and put it on a cable channel here. I would pay extra to see these kinds of Japanese shows!

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