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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Impotence causes

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Everyone knows New York is the best city in the United States! A land of glorious towers reaching into the heavens, symbolizing the ingenuity of mankind.

That is, until Dubai started showing us up! New York needs to stop slacking off and start making some 1000m+ skyscrapers if we want to retain our title as the most impressive skyline in the world!

Martin F

Copenhagen is too cold for me in winter, but summer is lovely. Tokyo is just right in winter, but in summer it is difficult to enjoy such a humid city. Anyway, their research is interesting.


I mostly agree with the Monocle list of 'most livable cities'. In fact, I live only 500km away from Munich, but I have been trying to relocate myself permanently to Tokyo - unfortunately due to the global financial crisis all job-interviews ultimately evaporated. Ah well... 明日があるさ
But honestly - I am accustomed to quite a lot of big cities on this planet (never been to the USA though), and Tokyo, even being so huge and crowded, almost makes me feel like I've returned back 'home'.


yes, 50 minutes is impossible right? you can't escape if you enter into that once.


I just finished watching the opening movie of the haunted hospital.

I want to go see it but at the same time I'm too scared to go through it all. ;_;

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