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Monday, June 08, 2009


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The baby of frog is called frogspawn when it is an egg.

When it becomes a wiggly thing it is called a tadpole = otamajakushi.

When it grows legs it is called a froglet.


what I made strange again? what is baby of frog in English??


Reading the original post quickly I thought it said LADIES fell from the sky.

Tadpoles is much more likely.


Also, claire, that was a good call on the translation of おたま。 I note that Jim Breen's WWWJDIC gives this definition:

御玉杓子; お玉杓子; 蝌蚪 【おたまじゃくし; かと(蝌蚪); オタマジャクシ】 (n) (1) tadpole; (2) ladle; (3) musical note

It's a wonder the translation software didn't claim that musical notes were falling from the sky ;-)


A Japanese question from that tv show: 鼻毛ぬき would mean literally "pulling out nose hair," which is obviously what they did. But how did "outwitted" come from this? Is that an idiom?


I don't think it was ladles - おたま - it was tadpoles - おたまじゃくし. The translation software made a mistake.

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