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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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Girls and boys are genetically programmed by nature in such a fashion that girls are there to take care of family and boys are there to take care of girls. Both of them have different tasks. and there is no question of inferiority and superiority, as sugar and salt both are necessary and they are complementary to each other rather than supplementary. In the same fashion girls and boys are complementary to each other. Boys are aggressive by nature and girls are not as boys they are there to curtail there aggression. and in case girls don't understand this and they too become aggressive along with the boy then the situation gets worst & there comes the question of financial independence and equality as the boys are physically more strong than girls they will use it because of aggression and quite possible that girl who too is aggressive will take it otherwise and will leave the relationship. Therefore instead nature has made girls emotionally so strong that they (girls) can handle the tense situations with help of love, care and patience. and believe me if you give love & care to boy he will definitely leave the aggression. And as the result of which the relationship will flourish.

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Now days girls have been programmed by the business society in such a faishon that they want to be economically independent. How I can say that,actually half of the world's population is of woman and if they are going to be in home then it will have an adverse impact on the economic system as they will stop spending as they do when they have the money and liberty to spend therefore an environment was created with the help of the government that changed the whole mindset of the girls. Otherwise nature has made them for very different purpose, they are not there to work they are there to take care of the family. One should not feel that it is an inferior thing to do. It has lot of challenges of its own. And as the girls are more emotionally strong as compared to men therefore it is better for them to be at home and manage the affair of the family irrespective of the education qualification as the same will help you in doing the work rather than feeling inferior that after studying you are just doing nothing. Actually if you are a housewife then you have to do different works and of different sectors like finance, human resource management, marketing, teaching, nursing etc., It is just like running a company in itself. And the consideration which you get in return is the love and respect from the family members, the position in the family where every child and elders take your opinion in their work. A WOMAN IS A BONDING THREAD BETWEEN FAMILY MEMBERS, and if she is not there then the family will split and will neither be beneficial for the family in particular and nation, society & world in general. HOPE YOU GIRLS UNDERSTAND IT AND WILL SETTLE FOR BEING A HOUSEWIFE. And still if you have confusion regarding this the just go for it you will never be wrong.


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I feel that it's nice that women can even have that option in Japan---life as a housewife. In the US, it's almost expected that women keep their careers while raising children and keeping up a household. Such a thing is challenging.

Either way, with a continued career or life as a housewife, it's up to the woman. At least they have the choice.

It's not so bad wanting to be a teacher or housewife. Wanting to raise your family to the best of your ability, in your own way, is a good goal, too.

I actually think the life-size Gundam is cool. ^^
The ugliest building in Tokyo really is ugly... I wish they'd make it into a giant slice of cake!


Hi everybody thank you very much for your comments, I think I can get my freedom from independence (economical, mental, etc). I need my freedom, I want to do, go, live, leave on my will. It might be hard if I keep house.


This is just an impression (from an American man), but whenever I see a heavily made-up thirty-something mom with an elementary-age girl who is wearing just as much makeup (which is very often), I cant help but feel like that girl is getting an education in how society values women: dress well and use makeup aggressively or else you wont look like you deserve attention from the rich men.

Even if most women in their 30s and 40s value careers more than the younger generation, even those older women mostly settled into careers in home economics. I get the sense that they must be grooming their kids to face the reality that women can only really succeed by finding a good, high-earning husband. And honestly I dont think theyre wrong.

I was recently very shocked to attend a company drinking party with some of the women in my HR department. Just to make conversation I brought up the concept of konkatsu, Japan's cliche of the moment meaning "marriage hunting" (engaged in by women who hunt for a husband with the same tenacity and cool-headedness as theyd look for a job). Immediately the women described how desperate they are to find a husband and how disappointed they are that there are so many already married men in the office. It just reconfirmed to me that the general rule in Japanese companies is that women work only until they find husbands and get pregnant, and are not to be seriously considered as long-term prospects. The many programs and extended vacations extended to women I think are just a band-aid that does nothing to address the fundamental corporate culture (and general culture, for that matter).

Ironically enough, the same women I talked to put off their husband-hunting until they reached their 30s because, well, they wanted a career, too. But of course they cant have and might not want both. (Sorry for only offering secondhand anecdotes but I hope they are at least interesting)

I dont necessarily think the situation is quite so cut and dry, in part bc of people I know and that many of the real heroes of TV housewives run their own companies on the side while they raise children. So while the women might not see themselves in the men's corporate world, it's not as if they can just give up all their creative and productive energy after popping a few out.

From a more cynical perspective, I would also point out that it's budget season in Japan, a time when government agencies release scary and shocking stats to try and set the policy agenda and convince the finance ministry to free up budget money for more studies and programs. I dont know what this would entail exactly, but it sure does imply a crisis to the goal of equal opportunity and underscore a certain lack of opportunity that might justify throwing a few more yen at "work-life balance" programs.

Also, on lazy men: We do know how to do these things, we just dont operate on women's agenda. You might think its time to clean NOW, but we were going to get around to it in a few hours. No, really!

Martin F

My mother graduated from Lund University in Sweden, a prestigious university, got a fancy job at an art gallery, and met my father...

Our generation just got dealt a different hand.

Ian Lewis

Yah, I don't find it terribly surprising either. Raising a family is ideal and large homes/apartments are expensive and food is expensive. Just being able to do so in Tokyo or a large city area means you have to be making enough money to do so and thus carries a bit of status with it.

Another reason is that guys are pretty lazy. If a girl pursues a career, she will still be expected to do all the homemaker stuff like taking care of kids and cooking and cleaning so why bother overworking to pursue a career that will likely force them into a meaningless job once they have a family anyway?


Mention of the canned food bar made me remember a site that showed odd canned foods from around the world:



Has anyone noticed that famous Japanese actresses and models, ones with huge, successful careers, will often say something like "If I weren't a famous actor/model, I'd either be a housewife or a kindergarten teacher?"

I've always thought that was interesting. If they're lying, then it says something about Japanese society that they feel they have to say that. If they truly feel that way, I suppose it says a lot about Japanese society too!


I don't know why this is so surprising. From my perspective, it seems working women in Japan have it pretty tough. They don't get the same respect or the same opportunities.

Most people, in general, aren't interested in pursuing a career and find their jobs relatively unfulfilling. I've always thought it was nice a woman often has the option of choosing to become a homemaker, with the husband providing financial support. I'm not surprised if a number of Japanese women think this way too. I've observed even Ivy League educated women, more often that you might think, become homemakers and abandon a career.

Comment to Alice on "i don't understand why boys act like they don't know how to do these things!" Believe it or not, they are not acting. It's not as if they did all these things before they meet you and then pretend like they can't. It's a matter of training, and girls often get trained to do these things from their mothers.


hmmm... i seem to fall into this category. i graduated from columbia university 2 years ago. but i kind of LOVE the domestic sphere. I really enjoy cooking and cleaning and whatnot. i think it would be nice to be a housewife and live a life of leisure while reading and learning about things at my own pace. but i think that i'd get bored of that really quick.

tired-chan, i understand what you mean. my boyfriend stays with me at my apt most of the time. we both work full time, but I'M the one who has to make dinner and clean the apt and buy all the groceries. i don't understand why boys act like they don't know how to do these things!

Tired chan

Of course those highly-educated girls want to be housewives, because they are smart. Once you get married, husbands don't do anything in the house. If I depended on my husband, we'd be sleeping on a pile of dirty clothes and eating ramen every day. If they just wash the dishes, they expect a trophy. I have to do the cleaning,laundry, shopping, cooking, balance the check book, run errands, clean up after the cat (and after my sloppy husband who throws stuff any old place after using it). PLUS I work a full time job just like he does. Stupid of me, right? At least I'm smart enough not to have kids. By the way, I am American and graduated from an ivy league university.


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