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Thursday, June 18, 2009


cheap air jordans

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Nike Dunks

People may not be smooth sailing life! There will always be things go wrong! Even if you do not like but can not escape it


thank you taro and Susan for comments. I understand about the number and I could learn about sofa from susan


I like the look of those zaisu...sometimes I want to sit on the floor but I also want to lean back. Maybe I'll order one! I already sit on a floor cushion to eat dinner.

Oh, and the link to the "legless sofa"...we call them the "arms" of the sofa, so in English it would probably be called an armless sofa instead. The "legs" of the sofa are the wooden parts underneath.

Taro 3YEN.com

"Key word "241543903", why people stich their head on fridge? "
There's no known meaning.
The head-in-the-fridge meme has been around since last April.
See the (non) explanations:

Are there any Japanese examples yet? Please make one.


Taro 3Yen.com (nothing in my head and my head in nothing)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/136590125/sizes/l/

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