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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Puma Ducati

I own quite a few MBTs (only shoe I wear). I really like these for my summer shoe. They are comfortable with no binding on the toes. They give my feet good support all around. For sandals I always get a half size down from my regular MBT size because I don't wear my inserts in the sandals. Love 'em!


As with many otaku, I am quite frustrated with the "Suzumiya Haruhi" time-loop story that shows us the exact same story in multiple episodes (and continues to do so).

We were presumably going to get 12 new episodes of this show, which would hopefully have filled out the already enjoyable story. Instead, what we received was a waste of time and effort, which bores us with the characters and motivates us to dislike the show's producers.

I can't imagine what these people were thinking. Perhaps the spontaneous "Haruhi dances" on Japanese streets caused authorities to order that the show be made less popular ;-)

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