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Thursday, July 30, 2009


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In America, we have commercials from companies that were actually fined in court after being found guilty of false advertising and they are still on TV!

Japanese Words

I can see why the Ikea ones were banned, but they sure are funny.


"When Emperor Hirohito’s condition worsened, the part where a guy in a Toyota TV ad asked "Are you doing well?" was replaced with silence. Maybe Toyota thought it was impudent."

During the same time, one of the high school boys at Gakushuin (The Peers School) was expelled. His alleged "crime" was to have asked one of the classmates in the school library - a member of the Imperial family - "hey, how's your grandpa doing?" (using a casual form of address referring to Hirohito who was about a week away from kicking the bucket). That "insolence" was enough to warrant an expulsion.

One of the more memorable expulsions was the female Gakushin high school student who supposedly threw an onigiri (rice ball) at Princess Nori's head (Princess Sayako aka Sayako Kuroda).

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