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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Javi A.

Hi !

I've been reading your blog for a year and I think it's funny and awesome.
Can you explain anymore about the silver week?

I'm gonna go to Japan in less than two weeks and I'm excited.

I love your country and your culture and I've wanted to be a japanese since I was a child.

Cheers !

Allain Jules

Hello from France


The English wasn't that funny, unless maybe you're brand new to Japan.

Sam R

It's a little funny because it's not grammatically correct, and it uses strange terms like "return place." But it's not the funniest example of bad english I've ever seen.

@Rrabano, it depends where you are in the states. For example, where I live, in Washington DC, there's a lot of support for foreign tourists. A lot of other cities are like that too.

But also, English is more widely used than most languages, so I think there's more pressure in other countries to accommodate for it.


When I went first in Japan. I see sign similar to u'r post. Thought is was funny. But I realize people putting this sign up r accommodating foreigners. So I stop laughing about it so much. But give kudos to those trying hard to accommodate foreigners.

If you go to the State, you will not c accommodation like this for Japanese or other none speaking English tourist.

So I thank those people putting up sign like this to help me understand that the Co. is trying hard to accommodate foreigners.

Wish we can follow this lead to the State. But don't hold your breath.

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