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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Puma Ducati

This is my first pair of MBT shoes. I like them but still they feel a little awkward when I walk. I have lots of problems with my feet and these shoes came highly recommended. I love the look and actually took them to my podiatrist to check out. He thought that they were a very good option and liked the firm sole.

oakley sunglasses

:_)When you mark Group-specific milestones, you let your members -- and the world -- know what's important to your Meetup Group. @*@


poor usui. thats horrible thing!


RIP Yoshito Usui.


oh what!!!!! really? no way!!!! that is a tragedy.


Oh no! I was hoping he would just turn up.

I learned how to read Japanese by reading Crayon Shin Chan.


Larry Carney

Very sorry to hear this news -- Kurayon Shinchan always made me laugh.

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