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Thursday, September 03, 2009


Toyota Dealer Boston

I think it's a good idea. We have too many drunk driver on the roads.

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tian shi zai wo xinzhong, canon in d,wo zui xihuan zhe shou ge le, hen hao ting de hehe.

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I find life an exciting business and most exciting when it is lived for others.

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Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.

Creative Recreation

So nice to study your perfect weblog on the spare time. Your write-up brings me different type of feeling about the literature.


The sensor from Toyota is genius!


Doraemon is so cute!

The face mask from America is surprising. We do not use face masks in the U.S. in public; they are considered suspicious or scary, unless you are in a hospital. This is too bad, because many germs spread through sneezing. :(

The alcohol sensor is a good idea.

Pad thai...yum.


If it's meat and fried somehow i want it no matter what country it originates from. Apart from that i quite like Tamagoyaki my girlfriend whips up with lunches.

Tired chan

Oh jeez, we eat S&B curry every week. It's vegan, too.

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