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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


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I would like to have one of those houses, anywhere will be fine, I just want to get out of Canada!


I wish I had that amount of money to afford one of those beautiful houses! I know I would live there happily with my little sister!




machigaeta!!! I mistook sorry.


yes house prices in Central Tokyo are extortionate. However 5000万円 isn't 5 million dollars. Even in Tokyo 5 million dollars will possibly buy you an imperial palace in Omotesando.


Isn't Brazil and Bali, the exact same pictues?

Iris Tsui

Even it is 5 million, but it's still a house. Recently in Hong Kong, a double-level apartment (just an apartment) overlooking the Victoria Habour costs around 39 million US dollars. Another double-level apartment on the Victoria Peak costs 56 million US dollars, i.e. more than 9000 US dollars per square feet. This is totally insane. But of course, these luxuries are not for local humble people who are living in government housing.

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