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Monday, February 22, 2010


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For all those women who hate football, they may choose watch


Way to go for waste and information management! This is indeed a bright idea for recycling. Just wondering how the writing son the paper disappear, maybe with the use of the 10 to 15 liters of water being refilled every other day.

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please confirm the coast of machines

george wilson kateu

please comfirm if you sel the toilet roll making machines also give the deyails of types you have
thank you

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I always go to the one at Ooizumi-Gakuen.

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I went to Yakitori place in Roppongi. It's pretty good,

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BIG and CHEAP! All menu are 280yen including yakitori and drink. I really recommend to try it,


There are shop in Takatano baba, Ohkubo,

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I went to Yakitori place in Roppongi. It's pretty good,

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Great idea, I'm happy to see this actually exists.


excellent idea!! (love the coloured toilet-paper versions too :-))


鳥貴族 is nice and cheap. Also that machine looks amazing! I wish I could buy one haha.


I love Torikizoku; I always go to the one at Ooizumi-Gakuen...

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