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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Nike Shox Navina

Every day you have to pay higher than before, because of your life and then disappear short day, so every day you are to more actively. Today is too precious, should not worry for acid bitter and astringent regrets that dissolve, raise the chin, seize today, it never comes back.

Javi A.


Interesting info.

I'm gonna read that magazine !

Greetings from Spain !


Thanks for featuring our magazine on your blog. Yokohama is a beautiful city and we are proud to be representing it. We are growing quickly and working closely with various institutions and government agencies to best serve both residents and visitors alike. As we always say, "together, we can make Yokohama an even better city," and we try to connect with anyone who believes in this simple goal.

Ry (publisher)


Yokohama is a beautiful city. If I ever live in Japan again, I'd like to live there.

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