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Sunday, August 01, 2010



There are so many clubs and bars in Tokyo. Some of them cater to primarily Japanese customers, some to particular groups of foreigners, and some are more of an international mix. But clubs can be a bit shallow at times socially, and there's a lot of nampa (hitting-on-people) pressure going around in there.


On 2ch, there are a few message boards talking about this and people are struggling to solve it. Many people found that the answer to the Sudoku puzzle means 2727778, which means "apart" (what you get when you enter 2727778 on a cell phone keypad). A few days ago, the site gave us a third hint: it said just the meaning of "apart" and "reform." 11 people have solved it so far but is still plenty of opportunity to win those free apartments.


So last night out of curiosity I went to a electronic music event/party "UNLIMITED@ROCKWEST" in Shibuya where my friend was DJ'ing. It had the music and dancing scene of a club, but the crowd was much more laid back and willing to mingle. I could find a lot of people from many different countries, as well as Japanese people who had lived abroad and spoke fluent English. It was very fun and relaxed and I could make a lot of interesting new friends.

Chris Kuan

The English you used in the first paragraph is some of the best you've ever written.


Tokyo night life is great but is has nothing in common with Shinsaibashi in Osaka :P So much more crazy people here!

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