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Monday, September 20, 2010


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They also make fish soup and kelp stock, called “dashi”, which is very popular with consumers. We use dashi to make miso soup and many other kinds of Japanese food, so Ajinomoto made the Dashi Cafe to promote the importance and good taste of dashi. I welcome to such trends and hope we have more of these kinds of places and promotions in Tokyo since more and more people are having to pinch pennies (or Yen in this case).

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A recent food business trend in Japan is low price, shops are trying to cut costs by using touch screen remote control menu ordering systems(they use ipad!!) or self service( customers bring foods and drinks from food counter to table by themselves). Those kind of food business are getting popular due to the long recession.

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It's parody of Japanese TV animation "Heidi, Girl of the Alps" and actually ZUIYO which is the creative studio of the original animation co-operated to make this. Satoshi Fumihara's parody characters are really popular in Japan now, Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan etc,. Unfortunately there are only two video have English sub but I like most the Granpa and candy one, if I knew how to add English sub, I could do it but I don't know.

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Pigs are friends of human beings

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The body of calcium from food, milk is rich in calcium, which is the best source of calcium.

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it's been a great day!*


This trend must be so popular, hehe


Interesting observation!

Chris Kuan

Ah... In Malaysia my parents also called MSG "Ajinomoto"...

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