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Sunday, September 26, 2010


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This in an interesting music video of performance group "world order". The main guy is Genki Sudoh. He was well known as mixed martial artist for K-1 befor, after retiring it, he became dancer, actor and writer, he wrote about some spiritual books, one of them was "talking to Bashar". Very interesting guy.

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This is an article of Psychological Science: "Perception of Emotion Is Culture-Specifi". According to it, Japanese person pay attention to the tone of his voice, not his face. That’s what other Japanese people would do. Hmm when I read this article, I realized I can agree with that. I often judged mom or brother were in bad mood or good mood without seeing his face when I got home, just talk her/his tone of voice on their reply when I said "I come home!".

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Ha ha ha this is funny "real packman"!! We have an legend "Pacman Game Case : Tokyo District Court : Judgement". Before pacman, the video game characters were not admitted as copyright issue. But when pacman release, some Japanese cafes set the similar characters games and Nintendo brought it to coat as "the similar those went to against to pacman's cinematic copyright products. Nintendo won and that was the first case the game characters could have copyright in Japan.

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Yeah, you're right.*


"I am back from Vietnam" odd how this brings up completely different images in what memories it sparks of its usage 40 years ago.

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I lived in Viet Nam for 5 months and still dont know what side of the road they're supposed to drive on.

Lovely food, like.


Konnichiwa Mari! Just saw you by googling japanese bloggers. I just finished watching hotaru no hikari 2 online and it made me miss my Japan days. I was in Japan when it's first season aired last 2007. I lived and worked there for one year. And i fell in love with your country for it's beautiful nature. I stayed in Ibaraki.

Hope we could be friends! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

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