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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


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Graham Barker is an Australian guy who seems to do some creative job. His wired collection was certified by Guinness World Records. It's "NAVEL FLUFF"...ha ha ha. I can't make any comment for it.

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This is a blog called "Boroyado Kiko", he choose poor and old inn to stay in Japan. Very interesting, I choose always newest hotel, I prefer new to good rank. It's impossible to stay such old place for me.

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So, watch this clip and pay extra special attention at :14 and 1:10 in. When I was a kid we used to rewind the VHS over and over to watch this greatness. Unlike the rest of the film, it never gets old.

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You look beautiful/ pretty / handsome / lovely / cute today!


Dang.. I'm liking the japanese denny's way better that we have in usa lol. More variety.

I too have seen people here wear shirts with japanese/chinese characters that don't make sense lol .. I guess it works both way =D


I saw the 「巨根」 T-shirt quite a few times here. I guess the main difference here is that the Caucasian guy is wearing it on purpose and knows the meaning of the sentence. "what's so fuck then" doesn't make any damn sense.

Some other funny T-shirts spotted in Japan (taken from engrish.com)





And so on... :)

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