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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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I don't have enough time to blog, I am super busy this December and also, we Japanese people have to do Oosouji - cleaning out for the year's end. I started with the entrance and a part of the bathroom. My American friend asked why do you have to do cleaning during the coldest season? I agree with that, after cleaning my body is chilled, but we love misogi, we love to start something new in a clean place with a clean feeling. I hope I can finish everything in 2010!!


Recent hot news in Japan: Kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa is famous for being a bad drinker. A few days ago, he got beaten up in Roppongi and injured his nose, cheekbones, etc. At first, the news reported that he was a victim, but a witness said that he made some guys drink tequila from an ashtray and that's what caused the fight. I read that he is very arrogant, and that he often says "I am a human national treasure" when he's drunk, how stupid. Divine justice was served.

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Do you know about Dorodango? They are mud balls. Actually, they're just handmade balls of mud. But since they're very simple to make and they look nice, like a big marble object. some people have gotten hooked on making them. Nifty Portal Z has a post on how to make dorodango today. And I found a "How to make Dorodango" guide in English, try it?

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