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Monday, February 14, 2011



Pour mes prochaines vacances, je prévoie d'aller en France. J'opterai pour une location courte durée à la place de l'hôtel. Beaucoup moins cher et plus pratique !


Oh, PS: "hit(s) the spot" is almost always only used to refer to food/drinks. For example, you can say, "That really hit the spot!" if you ate a meal when you were really hungry or had a refreshing drink when you were really thirsty.


Hello, this is my first time commenting. I love this blog!

As for ”TUBO NI HAMARU”, you could say "her work is just to my taste" or "her work fits/suits my tastes perfectly" :)

Thanks for keeping up this great blog (^o^)


Im not native, but i think "hit the spot" might have other associations.

"Really my kind of work" or
"This kind of work really speaks to me".

Interesting design, but it doesn't really speak to me :)


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