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Saturday, March 19, 2011



By viewing this video, a donation will be made to the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The donations collected will be reported on "www.shueisha.co.jp" as well as in magazines published by Shueisha Inc.

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Edano is the Chief Cabinet Secretary. Since the earthquake hit, he has been appearing on TV everyday and has been explaining what is going on in a calm tone of voice. He tries not to avoid questions from the press. Now people are tweeting with the tag “#edano_nero” at the end of their tweets to encourage Edano. It means “Edano— go to sleep” in Japanese. Because we know that he has not been sleeping enough during this disaster. And some Twitter users are getting frustrated at Prime Minister Kan. They have added the hashtag “kan_okiro” (Kan – Wake Up) at the end of their messages.

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Finally, people are actually starting to freak out and some are panic buying. I really don't need to check Geiger counters or hoard a lot of toilet paper because the earthquake doesn't make me poo more than usual. But the good thing is that there are lot of people who are staying calm. Here are posters that advise people to "stop panic buying."

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hope Japan will get out from the earthquake early


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My Linh

I love Japan... and I admire your strength and the way of your support with these blog entries. I keep on reading.


We are watching the situation in Japan and admiring your conduct. Please keep up the optimism, it inspires us all over the world.

little boy

Things are getting better, huh?

The radioactive food and tapwater doesnt worry you?

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