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Monday, October 10, 2011



Agree with what everyone else has said here. Even though many more blogs about Japan may exist today than from when you first started writing, yours is unlike any other - which is why I have enjoyed your personal, funny, interesting and unique perspective for many years now, and hopefully for many more to come. And let the change you feel inside you take you where ever it may :-)


only Japanese blog i read regularly as well....i love your creativity....just keep doing what you do and don't worry about the other blogs...you have your own style which is important.

billy  C LI NT

This is the only blog i check regularly since 'pink tentacle' disappeared (what happened there, anyone?)

Writer's block happens... maybe you need a holiday?


Mari, I miss your writing


I love your blog! Don't worry about what others are covering about Japan. Your perspective and your interests are what I come here for. Looking forward to your next update! (^ O^)


:) ganbare~~~~ i like your blog XD espcially the 2 gold fishy~~~ and u always found some funny stuff~~~


No need to worry, you blog is and has always been great the way it is :-)

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