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Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Man, those look delicious. I never leave enough time in the morning for breakfast, though. Here's my usual (as an American graduate student): http://cdn.mos.bikeradar.com/images/bikes-and-gear/nutrition/energy-bars/CYP207.energy.clif-399-75.jpg

I did love the 105 yen kaitenzushi places when I was studying abroad in Tokyo. So cheap! Sushi here in Washington, DC is more like 3 or 4 dollars a plate minimum.

Japanese breakfasts are delicious! I think the main problem is variety; anything will get boring if you eat it every day. Gotta mix it up!



That is not a real Hawaiian breakfast. Look up Loco Moco in Google. There are many versions but the base is rice, eggs, hamburger and gravy.


There are even many gourmet versions




Thank you for writing about Japan for those living outside Japan. Your stories are always very interesting and show a side of Japan that I have never seen. I have lived in Japan for a long time, but not anymore. Your blog helps me to learn new things about Japan and also to keep my memories alive. Whenever I feel homesick, I look at this blog and read your posts. Thank you.


I'm getting curious about Carcassonne... seems it's there for Nintendo DS. Is it available in Japan? I want to buy one, for me, in Italian, and one for my Japanese wife, in Japanese.

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