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Monday, February 13, 2012



Wow, that looks a lot bigger than other capsule hotels I've seen.

I haven't made it to Japan yet but really want to go. Am hoping at the end of this year I can make my first trip to Tokyo, and friends recommended I just stay in a capsule hotel as they're always clean and reasonably priced.


I stayed in a First Cabin when I was in Osaka. It was great! Really comfy and clean, and it was surprisingly quiet and relaxing. The staff were very helpful and patient with my very limited Japanese too.

Oh, and they have separate sections for male and female guests so no need to worry there.

A Facebook User

has a futuristic look, kinda looks like living in an iRoom hehe

Sandra - If it comes in pink

It looks cozy, but aren't those places mostly just for boys/men? :/

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