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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Joe Pournovin

Hello there!!

My name is Joe and I am the Awareness Coordinator for Oxfam Japan IVG (An international Volunteer Group which helps raise global awareness anf also raises funds for Oxfam Japan).

You have inspired us to organise a big Yamanote Line walk in late November/early December. However we need your help. Do you have any maps which could help us with organising the route around the Yamanote line??

I am looking forward to your reply.

Many thanks to confirm.

Best regards,



Nice, fun article and good work with the walk. :)

The Yamanote Line walk is one of my favourite Tokyo "Long Walks" - I've done it twice now, though not one right after the other!

Going to the gym the day after the walk is quite impressive. 'Terminator' seems a good nickname ...

Crazy!. My friend and I walked the Yamanote. not all at once however. We did it in sections..short sides first then top and bottom. The bottom is hard to follow. We walked from Ikebukuro to Ueno on the top and had to pass through parks, and even cemetary. The bottom was tough too..shimbashi to Shibuya..but it was night so hard to tell where the tracks were.

Rod Williams

In your opening paragraph you state that the Yamanote Loop runs at two minute intervals in the morning rush........not true. It runs at five minute intervals due to the dwell time at platforms required for loading/unloading. The shortest interval is off peak at three minutes. The usual interval during the day is four minutes.
I admire your tenacity in taking the walk. I'll stick to the trains.

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